Hallo aus Deutschland!

Landed safely with all my luggage. Phew! One of my greatest fears is losing my luggage into the oblivion of foreign airports. I start sweating at the thought of being in some rogue, small airport where no one speaks English, and after an hour of watching the luggage carousel go round and round with nothing new spewing out, I go to the Baggage Claim desk and no one is there because it is after hours OR some one is there and is apathetic and/or doesn’t speak a lick of English and all I can do is cry to no avail and the end. Gone. My favorite jeans, trusty undershirts, $30.00 bronzer!, everything. What a helpless feeling that must be. Or maybe it’s just an alarming sign that I am too emotionally attached to material things and when I lose control of situations I freak the f out. Either way, it’s a huge fear and one that THANK GOD has not become a reality yet.

Back to reality. Robert picked me up at the airport, finding me with hair slicked to my forehead and sweat down my back completely soaked through my grey t-shirt. No matter what, I always end up a flustered mess at the exit of customs. The strap to one of my luggages broke and after fighting with one of those push carts to gather my belongings, I managed to load everything up and make it through customs without being hastily body or bag checked (both have happened before). 

Seeing Robert after 12 weeks apart is like a huge exhale. My life instantly feels realigned and the world isn’t such a scary place. I know that sounds dramatic, but really that’s how our relationship has been the last year and a half. Extremely high highs, and well, some lows. Now being so close, with me in Florence and Robert finishing his last year of Graduate School for Architecture in Munich, we are both just so excited to feel like a real couple (as real as living in 2 different countries – but same continent! – can feel). I should insert here the story of how we met, but will save that gem for a rainy day.

Onward. So Rob and I get to Casa de Schneider and spend the next day with his parents, eating insanely good bread, my favorite local Leutenbach honey and just basking in the wonderful hospitality of his family.

Ute, Robert's Mom, greeted us with this insane spread. Starting from the left, a sampling of local and regional cheeses, cherry tomatoes, a bread basket sent from the God's, and in true German style, a fancy pants display of meats.


My favorite bread by far is the dark sunflower seed bread on the left. A loaf of that bread can seriously injure some one if thrown off the top of a building it is so dense. A close second are the fresh pretzels, sprinkled with a beautiful large grain sea salt that bursts wonderfully in your mouth without being too overpowering.


Robert's Mom, Ute (pronounced oo-tay) and I catching up on the balcony before dinner


After visiting his parents, Rob and I headed to Munich. I love this city because it’s clean, people are well dressed (without being intimidating like in Paris where I felt that everyone walked around pretending not to look at each other but were actually sizing you up and down behind their dark sunglasses), there’s great museums and galleries, nice restaurants and the best mode of transportation is by bike – what’s not to love! We spent an afternoon by a lake followed by a relaxing din at a biergarten overlooking the water.

Rob enjoying an aggressive plate of leberkaese. I will not go into detail on my thoughts of this meal, as some one's feelings may get hurt. But again, Rob is enjoying a plate of something called LIVER + CHEESE (but contains no trace of cheese). Fascinating.


Enjoying a perfectly cooked whole smoked trout with a glass of beer (that upon consumption pathetically had me holding on to the railing on our way out).


Some food pics:

Robert made some dough earlier in the day and we prepared this staple meal: una pizza, l'insalata e vino rosso.


Pizza topped with mozz, pesto, a creamier cheese called Topfen (the consistency of Greek yogurt with a little bite of sour cream taste), and finished with fresh basil


Some more food pics:

Probably my favorite time of day with Rob is breakfast. We both appreciate spending time waking up over two long cups of coffee, eating, talking, reading, listening to birds or whatever.


Delicious yogurt (3.8% milk fat but I guess sometimes you have to live a little, right??) with swiss muesli and fruits. Nothing better to start the day.


And that’s all aus Deutschland for now. Rob and I just arrived to Florence yesterday and I will soon post an update of our first day adventures, including cameo appearances from my father and Uncle Dominick!









About Lauren Raffaela

Ciao ragazzi, mi chiamo Lauren. I am writing from Florence, Italy where I am in school for a Masters in Museum Studies. When not in school I spend my days strolling the streets, trying to look like a local. I love to people watch, go jogging before the city is awake, have small talk with old ladies and am constantly stopping to read menus in restaurant and cafe windows just to see what they're up to. My favorite gelato flavor is noccioloso and I try to control my intake to one (or two...) a week. My blog focuses on my adventures and discoveries - both about this beautiful city (and country) and about myself. If you would like to touch base or have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on my posts and I'll be sure to get in touch. Grazie and ciao!
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5 Responses to Hallo aus Deutschland!

  1. Leslie says:

    You’re a great writer. I will be checking in regularly for updates!

    • Hi Les,

      Thanks so much for the support. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed reading so far. I follow Estherandlester regularly and have Robert checking it out sometimes as he is very into architectural design. I think you mentioned at some point that you were going to Portugal with your boyfriend this fall. I would love to see some pictures/hear about the trip as Lisbon is on my to-do list as well. Thanks again for touching base.


  2. Juice says:

    I love you.

  3. Ky says:

    “listening to birds or whatever”

    My comments will consist of amazing quotes hand picked from your blog.

    Also. EAT EAT EAT should be the name of your book (how clever I am right?)
    Loving the glamorous food shots!

    Once again, miss you.

  4. Ar says:

    Since I’m just clueing in to posts 2+ — umm that cheese spread? When can I come? The breakfast? I can only imagine how pleasant things are on the other side, if you know what I mean. Smell ya, picklehead.

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